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Blissful Bath Babies Courses

We all know how busy life is with a young baby joining your family, and even if you do have good support at home it can still be a really stressful time... especially for new moms and dads.


Most of the time it’s go go go and can feel like it’s one job after another…… and sometimes you realise you haven’t actually had time to spend just enjoying being with your baby and having special time together.

It can also be a lonely time for new moms emotionally with many feeling quite

isolated at home, believing they are the only one not coping well which is

the furthest thing from the truth as every new mom finds it hard to

adjust initially to her new role and the lack of sleep.


A Blissful Bath Babies Course will give you some time to nurture

not only your baby ……but yourself as a new mom or dad too.


All classes will be 90 minutes long and all baths and sensory

toys will be provided


All classes will be led by myself (Caron) a practicing midwife with years 

of experience to share with you and there will be half an

hour at the end of the class where I will answer any

worries or concerns you may have


Towels will be provided for your baby and washed in

Fairy Non- Bio so you don’t have to worry about taking wet towels

home (you are welcome to bring your own towel though if you prefer )


There will be the option to have your baby weighed during each

session should you wish to as Health Visiting Services are more

limited these days. Courses are five weeks long as cost £60 per course


There will be cake!

So even if it’s only for the cake it would be lovely to see you there!

Blissful Bath Babies Courses run regularly in Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Harborne.


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