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Baby Massage Courses

Baby Massage is widely recognised as bringing many physiological and psychological benefits to you and your baby. Touch is a baby's first language and plays a vital role in forming early parent / child relationships. The nurturing tactile stimulations which takes place during a class helps to contribute to the development of your baby's brain and nervous system.

Why not experience for yourself the wonderful benefits of Baby Massage. My five week course is designed to help you discover the closeness of baby massage in a small group in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The first few months of motherhood although amazing, can also be extremely overwhelming at times. My classes are also an opportunity to meet other new moms going through the same things and get full support from a very experienced midwife who will reassure you and answer all of your questions.

My Baby Massage classes are different to the rest and will not only teach you how to massage your baby, but more importantly are a fun and safe place to get all of your worries and concerns put to bed by a qualified practising midwife during what can be a tiring and frightening time for you and where sadly there is a reduction in Midwifery and Health Visiting Services.


I will also be offering weekly weight checks of your baby for you as part of the class and there is also a drink and cake included for you too! 

Baby Massage classes provide an opportunity for you to completely be with your baby. It has been proven that babies who receive nurturing touch through massage and other forms of loving physical contact gain weight faster, are calmer and have better intellectual and motor development than babies who do not. Dads are most welcome to attend either with your partner or alone with their baby.

Please bring towel so that your baby has something familiar and warm to lie on and I will provide everything else.

As babies" skins are so sensitive, please bring an oil or cream that you are comfortable with using to the sessions to avoid any adverse skin reactions.

Courses are suitable for babies from 4 weeks of age to 8 months of age.

Baby Massage Courses run on Mondays in Sutton Coldfield, Tuesdays in Harborne, Wednesdays in Solihull and Fridays in Harborne 

Cost is £60 for the 5 Week Course or £48 if it's a 4 Week  Course.

Baby Massage Course Dates 2024

Solihull Course Dates

Wednesdays  1 30pm - 3pm

Solihull Women's Institute

745 Warwick Road


B91 3DG

3rd January - 31st January - CLASS FULL

7th February - 6th March - CLASS FULL

3rd April - 1st May - CLASS FULL

8th May - 29th May - CLASS FULL

19th June - 17th July - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

24th July - 14th August - AVAILABILITY

21st August - 11th September - AVAILABILITY

2nd October - 30th October - AVAILABILITY

6th November - 4th December - AVAILABILITY

NB May, July & August Courses are 4 weeks long so £48

Sutton Coldfield Course Dates

Mondays 11 30pm - 1pm


Sutton Coldfield Methodist Church

South Parade

Sutton Coldfield

B72 1QY

8th January - 5th February - CLASS FULL

12th February - 11th March - CLASS FULL

8th April - 29th April - CLASS FULL

7th May - 28th May - CLASS FULL

17th June - 15th July - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

22nd July - 19th August - AVAILABILiTY

30th September - 28th October - AVAILABILITY

4th November - 2nd December - AVAILABILITY

NB April & May Courses are 4 weeks so just £48

Harborne Course Dates

Tuesdays 1 30pm- 3pm

Moorpool Hall

37 The Circle


B17 9DY

5th January - 2nd February - CLASS FULL

9th February - 8th March - CLASS FULL

5th April - 3rd May - CLASS FULL

10th May - 31st May - CLASS FULL

21st June - 19th July - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

26th July - 23rd August - AVAILABILITY

4th October - 1st November - AVAILABILITY

8th November - 6th December - AVAILABILITY

NB May Course is 4 weeks long so £48


Blissful Bath Babies Courses run regularly in Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Harborne. Spaces are limited to ten per course so booking is essential.Suitable for babies from six weeks to eight months of age.

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